Hankerin' for a snack?

A taste of the south… anywhere.

If you are a boiled peanut fan not living in the south, then you understand how difficult it is to find them. What if someone told you that you could have them anywhere and they’d be as fresh as the roadside stand? Well, at last we’ve brought the solution.  Our DIY boiled peanuts kits are ready for you to begin enjoying freshly boiled peanuts anywhere you happen to be. 



Prep Ingredients

Rinse peanuts and place in a large pot.  Add salt, cajun seasoning and enough water to allow peanuts to float 1-2 inches from top.


Boil Peanuts

Bring water to boil and continue boiling for 4-6 hours, adding water when necessary to prevent water level from dropping. 



Taste the peanuts, if you would like them to be softer, add water and return to boil.  Boil until they reach desired consistency. Peanuts are best when they are not floating anymore. When finished, top off with water and let cool for 15 minutes.  Enjoy!


Our boiled peanut kits are avaliable in singles or a 3-pack. We also sell our signature Cajun seasoning so that you can use it on anything you’d like. Kits are sold on Amazon.com hassle free and prime eligable.

Single kit
Chris and Dave's Boiled Peanuts Kit


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Chris and Dave's Boiled Peanuts Kit


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cajun seasoning
Chris and Dave's Cajun Seasoning


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Kombucha Cap
Kombucha Cap Chris and Daves


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